martes, septiembre 29, 2009


[20:00] Mensaje de meebo: Crazy Diamond está conectado[20:00]
oko: me dejas pateada jajaj[20:00] Crazy Diamond: no te dejo pateada[20:00]
Crazy Diamond: se me desconectó[20:00]
Crazy Diamond: jajaja[20:00]
Crazy Diamond: en qué clase estás?[20:00]
Crazy Diamond: está aburrida o divertida?[20:00]
oko: flash[20:01] oko: la tortura del siglo [20:01]
Crazy Diamond: me duele todo el cuerpo chucha
[20:01] oko: no entiendo pero se hacde lo que se puede
[20:01] oko: BIII[20:01] Crazy Diamond: JAJAJAJAJAJA
[20:01] Crazy Diamond: ah, lo mismo me pasa con el francés
[20:01] Crazy Diamond: como q fui una genio en primer y segundo nivel
[20:01] Crazy Diamond: y ahora en tercero con tanta gramática es como q...WTF
[20:02] oko: maldito flash...yo podia con codigos y cosas dificiles...ahora es un WTF
[20:02] oko: controlar el tiempo no es una tarea facil...ojala fuera tan epico y fantastico como suena

lunes, septiembre 28, 2009


Today, our class presented our projects about Shakespeare's Macbeth. Two guys did a puppet show of the scene between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth was Barbie and Lady Macbeth was Godzilla. Never have I enjoyed Shakespeare so much. MLIA

Today, I was bored, so I decided to find my house on Google Earth. I found my house, and preceded to notice my next door neighbor lying on his driveway in an ape costume. Thank you, Google Earth, for capturing this Kodak moment. MLIA.

Today, my allergies were acting up and I couldn't stop sneezing. I looked to my left and saw a poster advertising the Hannah Montana movie. I walked away, and immediately I stopped sneezing. I now know what I'm allergic to. MLIA

Today was the first day living in my new apartment. Too tired to unpack, I grabbed only one box labelled "Bare Necessities". Inside were onesie pajamas, Sour Patch Kids, light sabers, and the Zombie Survival Guide. It was all my husband and I needed. MLIA.

Today, my roommates and I were at the animal shelter, "window shopping." We have been wanting a dog for a while, but our lease strictly says, "No four-legged animals." We are now the proud owners of Louie, the three-legged beagle. MLIA.
Today, while shaving, I pretended the hairs were little people and my razor was a monster. Roaring noises were included. MLIA

Archivos OLVIDADOS (por buenas razones)

lo siento pero mas comprometedor que eso no hay
Ahi empezó la cosa...
La liga de la justicia
Intenciones que se notan
Bueno.....para que decir mas
Chivos en la pradera
Trabajo universidad O_O PELO LARGO
Al final termino con el ; _ ;


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Gracias a Hilde mi amiga de Holanda

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Today, my mom and I were checking out at the market when the cashier asked us if we'd found everything we were looking for. I informed him that I hadn't found Narnia. With a straight face he told me that I obviously hadn't checked the frozen food aisle. I think I'll be shopping here more often. MLIA.

Today, I walked into the kitchen to see my parents staring into each others eyes. I assumed they were having a romantic moment until I heard my dad say "Darling, I will always be the Champion of Staring Contests so save yourself the trouble and just blink".
Today I had to take an AP Bio test about saftey. The question was "List 3 types of behavior not acceptable in a laboratory." I listed: Kicking another person in the teeth, Re-enacting scenes from Walker Texas Ranger and pretending to be a cartoon character on speed. Full credit was given. MLIA. <---buena respuesta....Chuck Norris resuelve todo.

Today, my drumline had a drum battle with another marching band's drumline. When the other school was done, they threw their drum sticks down, acting all hard core. My drumline stole their sticks and ran away. I'm pretty sure we won. MLIA

Today, I was grocery shopping and had several items for my cat, including litter, food, and a flea collar in my cart. While exiting the pet isle an older man stopped me and asked me if I had a cat, looking at him blankly I informed him that this was for me. His face made grocery shopping enjoyable. MLIA

Today, I realized that even if T-rexes have arms that are too short for hugging, they can still chest-bump each other. This made me feel a little better for them. MLIA

Today, I got bored at school so I walked up to a group of girls who were gossiping and said "Oh my gosh, don't look now but that guy is totally checking you guys out." They all looked, we go to an all girls school. New favorite game? I think so. MLIA

The other day, I decided to go as Waldo for Halloween. I asked my prncipal if it was OK for us to have an assembly, and the yearbook photo be captioned about Waldo. Not only did he agree to that, I now have permission to skip a class and run around school on Halloween while the principal announces a schoolwide search for Waldo. MLIA <---porque no tuvimos epocas asi?

Last night, I looked out my window and noticed that the streetlight in front of my neighbors' house was out. This intrigued me, so I looked closer and saw that all the streetlights near their house were out. I don't know why Dumbledore was visiting my neighbors, but I'm going to start being a lot nicer to them. MLIA. <--mas escritores de fanfics en el somos las unicas.

Today, I got into disneyland dressed as Waldo. All day long, whenever I saw someone take out a camera, I would freeze in the background of their photo. Best day ever spent. MLIA <-- WALDO IS EVERYWHERE

Today, Instead of doing my assignments I was running around my house trying to hit things with a mini nerf gun. I kept missing and wondering why. Then I realized I was closing one eye but that John Smith in Pocahontas said, "Open both your eyes, you see twice as well." I started hitting everything. Thank you John Smith. MLIA <--la pelicula mormona tenia razon. Gracias John Smith

Today, I wore a red and white striped shirt. A mean girl walked up to me and said "That shirt makes you look like Waldo" in a way that was obviously meant to be a put-down. I laughed and thanked her. Then, I got multiple high-fives from the hot guys around me. She's still confused. I win. MLIA. <---WALDO 4 EVER

Today, a guy came to school wearing a dress. He got in trouble for dress code. Not becuase he was wearing a dress, but becuase the dress didnt have sleeves. I love my school. MLIA.<--ya sabes ykza

Today, while on a plane, I saw a man thumb wrestling his kid. They were going at it pretty fiercely, but I could see the kid was losing. I started cheering him on, and the rest of the passengers joined in. The kid won. It made my day. MLIA

Today in Chem class, an etremely irritating girl was talking rudely about another person and didn't realize that the whole class went quite. The teacher then casually said "By the way class, don't talk to her, she is an example of what we call Bismuth Technetium Hydride". He then preceded to write on the board the chemical symbol for the compound. Bi Tc H. It made me smile. MLIA

Today, a college admission person came to my school to tell us about the college. Offhandedly, she mentioned that at their football games one person always dresses up as Waldo for everyone to find. I think I know what school I'm going to. MLIA. <---ahi estan todos los planes que necesitamos Monica

Today, my dad brougt home these things called "Funky Flames." You throw them into a fire and it turns colors. I quickly grabbed the green colored ones, threw them in, stood by the fire and yelled, "Diagon Alley!" I then proceeded to imagine I was Harry Potter on my way to Gringotts. MLIA

Today, I asked my 6 year old niece what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said a dinosaur, and proceeded to roar like one. I support her 100%. MLIA

Esferas gelatinosas que derriten la piel

Son mágicas.
Predicen el futuro.
Mercancía del CHIVO.
Traen felicidad.
Son aguadas.
Como nosotros.

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MASICORNIOS: Los llamados gnomos del tercer mundo. Se dedican arreglar juegos infantiles o artefactos electronicos que eventualmente se volveran a desarmar y podremos encontrar con esto el letrero de " cuidado en mantenimiento - gracias" (mall del sol).
Su forma es como la de una masa a la que simplemente le ha salido un cuerno. de ahi el nombre poco creativo MASICORNIO.

PRECAUCIÓN: Cuando se enojan se juntan para formar un sindicato

El vestido de Sandra

lo encontre en deviantart y pense en LOLA
(el patron del vestido son comics de star wars)

martes, septiembre 15, 2009

MUSHISHI - The Alley through the Pillow

-The dream came from the pillow.

''there is a gathering place for the Mushi,''
''and that they stay there while their host is awake.''

I never thought they'd be here.
Damn filthy Mushi!

Don't do it!

Why me?


Looks like your quick aid saved him.
He should be fine.

Did you know this would happen?
I only cut the pillow.

Did you know?
It's said that the word ''makura'' come from ''tamashii no kura''.
The word ''pillow'' means a ''soul vaulet''.
You spend almost a third of your life on your pillow.
So it was believed that your soul resided in you pillow.
And that is the Yumeno Noawai's nest,
...and it was the pathway between your dreams and reality.
I know that you’d lose something if you were to cut it.


-Between dreams and reality is the vault of your soul.
No one could see the ''Dream World'' without this path.


He later continued working as a blacksmith.
He was well known for this skill…
But in time his mind became poisoned.
At times he’d draw his sword on the street,
…and in the end he faced it towards himself.
People would say…
''He feared sleep.''
''He’d say that his soul would slip down into nothing.''
He's not dreamed once since the day he cut his pillow.


Vamos al cementerio.


domingo, septiembre 13, 2009

lentes anti reflejo

Trauma nuevo de Karenin - SHUT YOUR EYES


miércoles, septiembre 09, 2009

cuando ULTRAMAN encontro a su verdadero némesis

el dragón que vino en una gelatina sin cuchara y que
Wenceslao en desesperación empezo a comerse con la mano al fallar el ala de dragón como
intento de cuchara

viernes, septiembre 04, 2009



Uuuh, Miaxillah ha de estas chillando por pintar un par.